Unleashing Entrepreneurial Potential

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economy.
A true entrepreneur is an alchemist with the ability to turn
a simple idea into a workable ability.

Entrepreneurship has never been successfully taught at any formal educational institution anywhere in the world. WHY? The answer is simple; Employed Professors, lecturers and teachers are in sheltered employment do not have the special mental qualities or experience required to be self-employed, or they would be. They can teach planning, bookkeeping, business management, law etc. but they cannot teach ‘alchemy’.

It requires alchemy to turn a thought or business idea into a sound, sustainable business, and it is this ‘hemispheric skill’ or lack thereof that is the downfall of almost all new business ventures.

Business do not succeed or fail … people do!

According to international statistics, 80% of all new businesses cease to function within six months and out of the 20% that don’t only 20% last longer than two years. The failures are almost always dew to the failure of the founder to deal with all the unplanned things that need to be dealt with and the pressures and stress that these unforeseen things put on the individual.

Just having and working a good product or service is not enough to ensure good business success in a new venture. There are many other factors that come into play to create the on-going success of a business.

Whether your dream is to start a small home business or ultimately a listing
on the Stock Exchange!
You have started a business and would like to ensure
that you have got everything in its right place to create lasting success.

This workshop lays the foundation for the development of the entrepreneur as a prerequisite for the smooth, effective running of the business itself, as well as and the skills required for the hiring and development of all the people involved.

This workshop is designed to ensure that the entrepreneurial skills required for the business to succeed are developed by the person.

Are you ready to succeed?

This workshop will:

Instill clarity on how to optimally work your goal and equip you with tools and strategies to make your dream come true.

Teach you the habits and discipline you need to sustain success.

Empower you to handle challenges more responsibly, effectively and successfully.

Give you the confidence and ability to achieve your goals.

“Great goals and desires develop great qualities and abilities

in all who have the courage to strive towards them”.


“Dear Friend,

On 28 January 1988 a dramatic change occurred in my life. I did my first TAG course. I had spoken to a number of graduates but they could not really relay what changes would occur over that extraordinary weekend.

I am a very positive and successful person and at that time had achieved much with very little effort. Everything had basically just fallen into place. What TAG gave me was the understanding of how I had achieved so much and provided the techniques to produce the same results over and over again. It changed the way I perceived the world around me and changed my thinking pattern so that I no longer accepted the expected, but started to look at situations from all angles and came up with solutions which matched my dreams.

I was immediately filled with inspiration, knew that I had the ability to cope with the most difficult situations, and followed a dream – starting my own business. looking back at it now, I can still remember those first difficult months when I had to rely on inner strengths to keep at it. TAG taught me to face the many hurdles and to keep overcoming them with the faith and belief that I would eventually succeed. The methods provided the means to soar to new heights.  Today I am a partner of my own company providing programming solutions in the Time and Access field and our  “Cashless Environments” can be found in most university around the country.

But TAG is far more than just a means to achieving ones goals. It provides the foundations for all areas of our lives. TAG’s courses have shaped the way I handle crises, deal with difficult or argumentative situations, how I perceive and enhance my relationships, how I deal with my financial affairs, how to improve my memory recall and concentration, to look after my health, improve my selling techniques, have a better relationship with GOD and an understanding of who I am and where I want to go. In the last six years my growth and horizons have multiplied many times. I have done things and gone places that I never dreamed of doing in this lifetime.  TAG Training was the seed, I grabbed it with both hands and ran with it. I have never looked back and people still ask : “What has he got that I haven’t got?” 

In William Clemnt Stone book, “The success system that never fails”  he mentions that the Hindus have a legend that the Gods wanted to hide the secret and riches of the world in a place so obvious that many never find it. Some of us stumble over it without even knowing. TAG Training provide the means to find that place and the discipline to make use of the riches it has to offer. The question is; are you ready to receive them and how long are you going to wait before you too can enjoy what I know is out there? 

I hope that one day we will meet and you will thank me for introducing you to a way of life which a selected few understand and enjoy.

Yours faithfully 
Andrew Bailey”