Residential Workshop 20 -21 January 2024

Remote Viewing that been scientifically studied since the early sixties, when these skills moved from being considered psychic, and the domain of a few “gifted people” to scientifically proven to be perfectly natural human ability available to all who have the courage to accept the responsibility of exploring and remembering their latent human possibilities.

The controlled activation of the alpha/theta brain wave, which naturally occurs during our sleep gives us the ability to go beyond our five senses, to do the things we thought were impossible, such as remote viewing. 

“Being able to alter your belief in what is real is critical in learning to Remote View.”
Joseph McMoneagle

What is Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing is the ability to transcend time and space and witness with our mind’s eye places events, people, objects at any distance, time, location in the past, present and future. It is an amazingly powerful skill that can be learned by anyone.

By the mid 1960 most of the intelligence agencies of the world were training special operatives to use these skills for military and espionage purposes. Today, many regular people are using remote viewing techniques to successfully invest in the stock market, solve crimes, achieve career success…

In 1974 I had the privilege of being introduced to my ability to use this skill, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say:  remember and skills that is a natural part of being human. Ever since then I have travelled the world teaching these to a vast cross section of students of my work from the highly educated professionals,  entrepreneurs, and young children.

Medical doctors use it as a diagnostic tool in the same way as they use an MRI, with the advantage of being able to do this at a distance. Engineers and Technicians use it to obtain information ranging from structural weaknesses to malfunctioning parts. It is also widely used to create the advantage of hindsight in advance of events. The possibilities are endless and only limited by the practice, imagination, and ethics of the user.

Geniuses like Nicola Tesla, and other inventers have used these skills to create and perfect inventions before ever building the prototypes.  It is also a very useful skill for everyday situations such as to simply find a misplaced file or your car keys; to check the road ahead for potholes or speed traps or congestion…

“Remote Viewing is Space Shifting without leaving your chair.
It is a convenient shortcut to a miracle;
therefore,  relatively high numbers of humans were able to achieve it.” 
–  Lada Ray

This two-day experiential workshop is deigned to help you remember your innate abilities that reside in you and reconnect with your extra sensory perceptions.  In order to give personal attention, we limit the number to 10 students.  Are you ready to reclaim your innate intelligence? 

What does the workshop cover?

  • The quantum nature of creation and how to tap into the quantum mind.
  • Humanness: A holographic component of the Universe.
  • The importance of meditation for Physical, Mental and Emotional Relaxation.
  • Honing our skills of Focus and Concentration.
  • The controlled activation of the alpha/theta brain wave.
  • Exercises to remember latent skill and demonstrate abilities.
  • And so much more.

The workshop is a series of practical experiences supported by simple and easily understandable explanations of the quantum mechanics and meta-physics that underpins and validates our Divine-human abilities.

“Dear Dave,
When I went through the stages of the course I was – to use the correct words “Flying” and later I wondered if I would be able to  maintain height. Today I know this is possible – I have changed my “Flying” to Gliding. It is more gentle and somehow more fun.

In the last year I have come to terms with many situations in my life – some I changed for the better, some I can see and understand now from a different and more caring perspective, some I have come to accept as things long past and not a millstone to be carried indefinitely.

What I consider most important however, you showed me that the options I  had in  my life are as infinite and large as I dare to make them.

Somehow I sensed this to be so before I attended the course. What you did was to transform this undefined hopeful suspicion of mine into a concrete truth, and gave me the tool that I use today with confidence and yet still with awe to shape my destiny.

I thank you for being one of the few persons in my life to  have given me more than I anticipated and paid for. 

Yours faithfully
Walter “

Gold Line
A relationship spanning more than 30 years..
My life changed in totality after I met you and your revolutionary teachings – I would have been on some weird constrained path without the changes you ignited within me.
I will for ever be in your gratitude.” 
Gold Line
Stanislav Grof

“We are not just highly evolved animals with biological computers embedded inside our skulls; we are also fields of consciousness without limits, transcending time, space, matter, and linear causality.” ~Stanislav Grof

Space Limited to 10 Participants