Upgrade your Power to Create

Saturday 30 July 2022

Harness the Power of Your Imagination to Create a better Life
Saturday 14 October 2023  

“What is now proved was once only imagined.”

– William Blake

Rational logic alone has still not led the human race to true knowledge, with it we have nearly destroyed our planet and ourselves. What is playing out at the moment is an invitation to reflect on where relying on rational thinking has brought us, it is a wakeup call referred by many as the great awakening.

Kahlil Gribran tell us that Imagination sees the complete reality, – it is where past, present and future meet… Imagination is limited neither to the reality which is apparent – nor to one place…”

We have been gifted with an imaginative mind and freewill. Our true nature is creative, courageous, resourceful, loving, playful and free. We only have a brief magical moment in this body, to explore the mystery of who we are and experience the miracle of co-creation.  

It is only when we go beyond the limitations, we unconsciously create for ourselves and live our life to the fullest that our life become joyful and meaningful.

Imagination is our superpower, it is a Divine tool that allows us to see a world that does not yet exist so we can partner with the creative Universal energy and become its co-creator. 

To do this we need accurate self-knowledge that is not filtered by the process of our limited historical point of view. True knowledge cannot be obtained theoretically, it must be acquired by experience. 

We have been conditioned to treat imagination as fantasy, something that has nothing to do with reality and rely on our logical mind. Adopting this belief inhibits our creative nature, the rational mind only operates from the known, from history, and stops us from creating and experiencing the life we desire. 

“We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world.”~ Gabor Maté

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”  

~ Albert Einstein

Imagination is a sign of intelligence; it allows infinite possibilities to manifest as reality. It sparks creative ideas and shapes our perception and in turn, alters our actions, and our behavior.  

Imagination is the tool that has moved us from the cave to where we are today, and our imaginings is the foundation of our future. Everything that history believed was impossible became possible through our imagination.

Every great visionary has a desires to create something new and amazing and in the state that our world is in, we need to develop a robust imagination. Those who succeed are those who use their imagination to expand on their current reality.

The conflict between tradition, current reality and the uncertainty of future possibilities is the cause of much of the stress of modern-day life. The trouble is that stress often leads to feeling overwhelmed, and this makes it difficult to see our way out because we get stuck in the known and our logical mind limits the possibilities.

Imagination is the beginning of creation, the foundation of our ability to manifest. Regardless of our beliefs we can never switch off this default programs that come with being human, it is both a gift and a curse depending on how we use it. If you can imagine it, it exists as a potential in the universe, you have the ability to imagine it because you have the DNA to create it. 

You will never be given an idea without the means to materialize it. You can shape whatever future you want right now through your imagination.  What are you imagining?

Imagination + Purpose + Focus Attention + Action = Creation

We must cultivate a vivid imagination in order to live an authentic life in integrity with our soul purpose; but Imagination without purpose and the will to work is just mere fantasy.

Understanding the power of and reclaiming the focused use of our imagination and all its components puts us back in the driver’s seat of life. We are all, whether we believe it or not, creating our perceptions of reality and experiencing the results of our imagination or lack thereof.

The mastery of our mind is the ability to remain focused of what we want to create, otherwise our dream remains fantasy, because what we pay attention to sets the energy in motion and manifests as our personal reality.

It is our responsibility to learn to consciously focus our attention and make our mind a fertile playground for our dreams. To use our imagination to realign with our intention for our lives and to conceptualise or visualise and give shape to our dreams.

The only limit to a successful life is our lack of imagination.

Imagination is a consequence of the natural curiosity within you to explore possibilities that are beyond the present limits of your logical mind.

Your rational mind is limited to the content of what has been fed to you through your five senses, your imagination is a tool that you tap into when looking for solutions to your life.

This workshop is truly transformational , designed to give you an in-depth  understanding of how your imagination drives your life, and the built in practical exercises which allows you to expand into greater possibility of Self. You will experience for yourself that imagination coupled with focused attention is evidence that impossible is only a state of mind based on ignorance of your true nature.  And acquire practical techniques to:

  • Expand your mind and enhance your creativity.
  • Develop the habit of upgrading your imagination and tap into the excitement of possibilities.
  • Tap into your superconscious mind.
  • Access the infinite pool of information available to all to create the life you desire.
  • Experience the magic of imagination coupled with focus attention
  • Learn to find truth within yourself
  • And so much more

There is infinite potential lying dormant within you, it is the tools that you acquire that determines whether you will experience life’s limitless possibility or spend your life wishing for it… Only you have the power to create what you desire; It is up to you to reignite the spark of genius, greatness, and adventure. It is already within you waiting patiently for you to find the courage to say yes to your dreams.

“ The world in a canvas for your imagination.
You are the artist, get to work ! ” 

Space is limited – Fees include Lunch and refreshments, and one complimentary post course Coaching session.

Early Bird Discounted Fees valid until 14 September 2023

Payment plan available contact us at info@grwothpoint.org to apply. 

“You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary
or even a college graduate to be successful.
You just need a framework and a dream.”
— Michael Dell



“Revolutionary! The sincerity and honesty in which it is taught is what allowed me to receive with such ease.
The workshop is well structured to keep one wrestling and becoming empowered simultaneously.
The practical experience was mind boggling, from the first sentence I was gripped, challenged and excited to take ownership of what is within me to create.” M.O

“Eye opening yet at the same time, I knew that I would always come here, like the knowledge shared was meant to be shared with me at the exact moment and time on my journey. I want to be part of this for ever, did not want the day to end. I connected and linked with something inside me, absolutely fabulous, my No.1 training ever attended.” S.G

“It was amazing, Dave has the ability to uncover and share practical solutions and truths in a clear manner.
He challenges everything,  by taking me out of my comfort zone and giving me the tools to become so much more.

The workshop reconnected me to TAG training and some truths that I had forgotten. 

Dave and Christine have managed to create a one day program that speaks to the soul, Thank you – Imagination is everything!” B.H

“I am honoured to have teachers like Dave and Christine, the venue is awesome, peaceful, tranquil, the workshop was life changing, I came expectant and got a lot more than I thought.”  R.H

“David and Christine are very inspiring teachers, I love the connections between the two of you. Loved the honesty in it all, the bluntness and all the light bulb moments throughout the day. The venue is incredibly magical, feel as though I never want to leave.”  C.H

“David is so down to earth, funny and easy to relate to. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. So much of what was said related personally to me. I am so excited to start experimenting / playing with the tools that I have learnt both in my personal and family life as well as my new business…Learning these tools is so empowering and enlightening, I would love to share this knowledge with my daughters.”  L.R

The teachers are brilliant and knowledgeable, the workshop was eye and mind opening, taught in such a loving and safe space, allowing knowledge to flow. The information is enlightening and inspirational. I have discovered even more about me today – there are no limits!!”  T.D

“Your worst enemy cannot hurt you as much as your own thoughts, when you haven’t mastered them.”