Unlocking Dormant DNA

“The moment you change your perception is the moment
You rewrite the chemistry of your body” 

Dr Bruce Lipton

About the Workshop:

Ancient Meta-physics, modern Quantum Physics and Epigenetics have proven that we can and all have the inherent ability to heal or change every aspect of our lives.

For years science has been telling us that we have 90% ‘Junk’ DNA and that the genes we were born with determine our lot in life. What if it’s not junk at all but simply latent, waiting patiently for us to accept the responsibility of consciously upgrading who we are and engaging our evolution? 

We have the built in technology to reprogram and create new genes; encoded into our DNA and every cell of our being is all the knowledge and latent potential to achieve all that we have the ability to imagine and the willingness to accept the responsibility of creating. 

Healing, transformation or changing our perceptions about wealth and poverty; health and sickness; genius and stupidity etc… requires our willingness to explore and expand our beliefs of who we are and how we fit into the universe.  Within us lies all the technology and intuitive knowledge for self healing and total fulfillment in every aspect of our lives.  


  • To give you an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the hidden life manual which is encoded within you in order to unlock dormant DNA
  • To give you access to the tools to bridge the gap between possibility and reality.
  • To inspire and motivate you to BE your greatest possibility…

“There is a distance between possibility and reality.
Do you have the courage and commitment to walk this distance?”



“David is inspirational and engaging, the workshop made me realise that I need not be the victim of my ancestor’s DNA, or the circumstances of my life; that I can chose to change and evolve the genes I was born with. Thank you for the simple tools!”  M.W

” The course was very informative with a lot of suggestions and helpful tools to put into action. There is a lot to absorb.”  B.P

“Dave is well versed in his subject, practices and articulate, much food for thought is so far as self-realisation. Many thanks.” C.S.

I got much more than I came for. 
V. H