The Key

About ‘The Key’ Workshop

This workshop is for everyone who is serious about improving the quality, accuracy and effectiveness of their thinking skills; in order to align their consciousness with the creative principle of the universe.

The Key to a successful life is our ability to re-evaluate the accuracy of our thoughts and perceptions, to separate fictions from facts, media hype from reality… and develop the skill to take control of the creative process of thought and allow the outcome to manifest.

Part of the reality of being ‘Human’ is that we, by default, create that which we become conscious of. We have no ability to unplug or disconnect the relationship between our thinking and what we create as our perception of reality.

The content and ideas in this workshop are simple, practical and life enhancing. It is all about becoming conscious of what we do naturally, ‘THINKING’ and then wisely putting the creative power of our deliberate thought energy to work for us in a dynamic way to attain our desired quality of life.

David Pickard Wyllie’s uncommon sense wisdom will reveal to you the difference between processing common perceptions and accurate thinking. The day will set up a framework for you to separate the parables and dogma of your social conditioning from the law that governs the universe, help you re-evaluate your relationship to life.


“Dave is professional, articulate and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the workshop, I have learnt so much and am excited to put into practice. ” Gail Backhouse

“David’s presentation style is captivating and eye opening. Thank you for reminding me of what I know and for giving me the permission to think differently about my knowledge. I look forward to living my knowledge with the courage to be free.”
Dr. Wilna Dirkse Van Schalkwyk

“The seminar was a mind blowing experience for me. I had so many revelations. I can’t wait to see how my life unfold with the application of the knowledge and tools received.”  Michael Tabane

David is excellent, entertaining and authentic. The content comes from a very heartfelt place. It was provocative which I enjoyed, it is wonderful to feel supported. Thank you! I will recommend your work to many.”
Dr. Ela Manga

” Dave is fascinating and inspirational. an incredible day packed with an enormous amount of insight and pure magic.” Thomas Lombard