Tailor Made Corporate Training

Developing a culture of Exceptional Performance

Increased profitability and  Streamlined service delivery.

Your business has the potential to become the greatest business on the planet or anything you would like to be.  Do you have all the resources? Do you have people with amazing resourcefulness on your team?

Do they need attitude adjustment? i.e. A shift away from rights to pride in their ability to serve better than anyone else in the world. It’s easily achievable!

People are your most important asset. Recruiting, training and developing the team are the most important functions in your business and should always be done by the leader. There are many very effective ways of ensuring that only the best people are employed. If you are not ruthless everyone will suffer in the end.

It goes without saying that in order to succeed your business needs to generate profits. If you are going to create something that will endure, build the economy, create jobs and generate dignity and self-respect in the work place you must do the correct thing.

Every business is a successfully worked solution to a perceived or existing problem.  If you are not making a constructive difference to other people’s lives you should not be in business.

Your customers have the right to demand the best from its supplier; It is your obligation as business owners to accept the personal responsibility of supplying world class performance with absolute integrity!

Our training material is custom designed for the business’ specific requirements, in consultation with the Owner, Managing Director or CEO. Our intensive workshops and the 3 to 8-hour seminar material is designed to be combined and adapted to provide individually planned and customized corporate training programs.

Some of the companies we worked with:

  • Avoca Travel
  • Absa Bank Ltd
  • African Life Assurance Co
  • American Express
  • Anglovaal Ltd
  • Aquarius Enterprises
  • Ash Consulting Group (UK)
  • Austro Engineering (Pty) Ltd
  • Bio Dog Services Cc
  • Brierley Price Prior (NI)
  • British Airways
  • Casa Linga Restaurant
  • Coca-Cola
  • Comfort Creations
  • Compucare (PTY) Ltd
  • Con Cor Construction (Pty)L Td
  • Data And Systems Technology
  • De Beers Industrial Diamond Division
  • D G Ladergaards (Pty) Ltd
  • Digitech (Pty) Ltd
  • Dr Pat Dorman And Partners
  • Electricity Supply Commission
  • Eskom Protective Service
  • Fidelity Guards Ltd
  • Hewlet-Packard
  • Givaudan – Roure  Indonesia
  • Ibm Computers Sa (Pty) Ltd
  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange
  • Liberty Life Assurance Of Africa Ltd
  • Lifestyle Garden Centre Cc
  • Mark Klein Productions Cc
  • Metal Box SA Ltd
  • Nampak (Pty) Ltd
  • Natal University
  • National Office Automation
  • National Panasonic
  • Nedbank Ltd
  • Old Mutual Properties
  • Pam Golding Propertie
  • Rem Brand Group Ltd
  • Rennies Group Ltd
  • Roberts Construction
  • Roussel Laboratories (Pty)L Td
  • Sanlam
  • Sa Druggists Ltd
  • Sage Computing (Pty)L Td
  • Springbok Patrols
  • The Bear Group
  • Tupperware Sa
  • Unicorn (MSJ) Ltd Mauritius
  • University Of The Witwatersrand
  • Woolworths (Pty) Ltd

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Dear Dave,

Just a little note to tell you that the seeds you planted in the minds of my Production and Distribution key – staff members, are coming to fruition.

As you know, we are supplying furniture to some Furniture Retail Groups and yesterday, one of them, Rudicks, which is in the RusfurnStable, chose our Company as “ Supplier of the year” at a ceremony during which we were given a magnificent trophy.

Feels damn good to come first – but you know that anyway!

Thanks again from all of us.
Walter Hauser
Aquarius Enterprises

Dear Dave,
It is now about a year since we had our Management team, as well as certain selected groups in our regions, trained by TAG.

Since then a marked dynamism has shown in most of the students. The level of self-respect and belief in personal ability has risen to such an extent that it sometimes becomes difficult to fulfil expectations of individuals vis-à-vis the expectations/interests of groups.

However, on a personal basis trained employees have become more focused and willing to accept challenges and even uncertainty, since they now believe that they are able to create and influence their own future. This certainly enhances our ability to keep abreast of a changing world.

I thought that you might be interested in this feedback.

Wishing you well.
Kind Regards
Floris Bonthuys

National Protective Services Manager – Eskom

Dear Dave,
On behalf of all the participants at our Asia pacific Regional meeting we extend our appreciation to you for addressing us.

Conveying the message that the impossible is only a state of mind has helped many increase their targets and determine realistic ways of achieving them.

Thank you for the excellent daily reference book “Stepping Stones” which helps to keep us focused on our goal, ever reminding us that we are responsible for our destiny.

You have supplied the blueprint for success, our responsibility is its realisation. 

May we meet again soon.
Yours faithfully
MJ Black