Make Space for Greatness – Fulfil Your Potential!

The TAG II Intensive Workshop  is the Flagship of TAG Training International
It is now only available on request, contact us for further information.

The TAG II intensive workshop is not for everyone, it is for people of courage who are prepared to let go of past perceptions and beliefs;  those who are ready to exercise the confidence to test new ideas and prove their validity to themselves and reach for their greatest possibilities. People who want to make a contribution to human kind’s evolution and assume the responsibility or creating more than they consume. This month long workshop is a unique concept in developmental, multi experiential training providing a set of tools to improve conscious thought process.

Sickness or health, poverty or wealth, failures or successes are all by products of conscious or unconscious thought process. Nothing that we call education or social conditioning gives us an inkling of the true possibilities that come with being human. TAG is for people who are willing to accept full responsibility for every aspect of their lives, develop and harness their “super natural’’ abilities and achieve exceptional performance.

TAG is a mix of uncommon business sense and quantum and metaphysics, designed to empower the participant to consciously create the life they desire and live in harmony with universal law.  This program is considered the blueprint for the the achievement of our dreams by those who have applied its principles.  

People cannot be labelled either by their past accomplishments or lack of. The power to be successful is available to all, everyone can succeed. We first develop the individual inculcating  a philosophy of success and self-realisation through actual personal experience resulting in controlled achievement outside of comfort zone and beyond normal conscious ability. This is accomplished through awareness expansion in parallel with the mastering of focus and control of fear.  

Investing in our personal development is the only investment that can be totally controlled by the investor; is safe from political change, and may be taken to any part of the world without fear of loss.

Are you ready to consciously engage your evolution?

TAG is not a workshop it is a way of life!

TAG consciousness is the process of converting ignorance into theory, theory into knowledge, knowledge into knowhow and knowhow into Being in order to live powerfully and manifest the life you want.

Phase I: Three days high intensity residential awareness expansion workshop. The objective is to examine our conditioning, to re-evaluate every belief against the result of cause and effect in our lives. To teach the delegate self-understanding, the development of self-motivation and the ability to perform under pressure. 

Linked by a month-long field training and assignments to another three day residential workshop:

Phase II: Is a stress mastering workshop where the candidates train to relax, while being taught to concentrate and focus their mental energy in order to access their subconscious abilities and consciously manifest in all areas of their life, whether its health, wealth, fulfilling relationships, abundance, or profound spiritual experiences. The students are led to experience their own “super” natural abilities such as remote viewing, deep intuition, telepathy and much more.
These experiences lead the students to the knowing that their power and capabilities are limitless; they acquire the knowledge and tool that empowers them to transform their life and fulfill their potential.

Successful people are simply those who turn their dreams into reality.
Those who settle for second best or compromise their dreams
fail by their own standards.


Dear Dave,

When I attended the TAG Course in 1987 I was Marketing Director of FPS Limited and the boards of about a dozen other SAGE Group companies. I had been pretty successful in my personal, financial and family management of my life.

The TAG experience most certainly helped me focus my mind and enhanced my energies and intuition from the platform of my then achieved success and the success, which I have had since.

TAG is a wonderful platform from which to launch control over one’s destiny whether or not you have already been managing successfully that destiny.

Both Rona and I went through the course together, and welcomed the experience and its contribution towards our continued success.

Kind Regards, Yours sincerely
Garry McCreesh
Nedcor Bank Limited

“Having experienced the changes TAG workshop made to my life I can wholeheartedly recommend them to people who want to radically change and enhance their lives.”

Pieter Swanopoel  BSc(Med) MD, CHB (Stell) DLO RCP London, RSC England, M Med (RLO) (PRET) Nose, Throat and Ear Surgeon 

Dear Dave,
Earlier this year I had the privilege of attending your intensive T.A.G. course and was very impressed.

I have completed various courses in the past of a similar nature, but have not experienced a more gratifying course that has changed my personal life as well as improving my career.

In view of my experience I will be recommending T.A.G. and will also be nominating my “key” staff members to attend this course, as it is my belief that any “thinking” person should enjoy the experience of T.A.G.

Yours faithfully
Ann Smit
Director – Comfort Creations