Two days that will expand your consciousness and take your manifestation ability to new levels; broadening your understanding and building on the use of your workshop from Phase II 

This two day residential workshop is for those who are serious about working their TAG Tools and enlisting all the help that the Universe makes available to each us for the accomplishment of our individual objectives.

Retreat – Relax – Reflect – Release – Magnetise

  • Are you longing for something that seems outrageous or impossible?
  • Is there something you’ve been holding yourself back from doing?
  • What have been calling you that you have been ignoring?
  • What aspect of you are you stifling, what part of you do you long to express?
  • Do you have unfulfilled dreams and aspirations that just seem to be eluding you?
  • Are you using all the support that is available to you?

Invite your deepest intention, Surrender to your greater self

and allow yourself to be supported

This workshop is limited to 8 participants and the emphasis is on your personal intentions for your life. The relaxed format creates a space for the release of fear and self-doubt so you can align yourself with you chosen intention.

You have the potential for incredible things, you have everything you need to succeed; you are capable of so much more and so many wonderful adventures awaits you.

This is what the participants have to say:

“This workshop is off the charts, this weekend brought about an immense amount of clarity; thank you both for yet again an amazing experience!”   I.S.

“I came to the workshop with a feeling that it would assist me in furthering and rekindling the tools that I had received and developed exactly two years ago. But most of all I hoped that it would help me work through boundaries, that are emotional, spiritual and mental that were consciously holding me back. After these two days and effectively just over 2 months I have worked through and had some realizations that help me embrace and let go.” Thank you for the release. D.O.


“This workshop has been extremely useful, and I can truly say that I cannot put a value to the learning. Everything that I learned may have been leveraging off my TAG experience, but it also made everything new.

I can only say that this was a life changing course and has come at the right time in my evolution. Thank you!”  BH

“Exciting new addition and value to the TAG experience. I am excited to see the value that will unfold from this weekend’s work.
Thank you for enriching and enlightening me, for showing me another way to create more value.” N.V.

“I came here as this is something I have always wanted; to take TAG further and use the tools in new and different ways.
I came with one picture and received very different feedback/ responses to my activities… Different but very valuable.
I have learnt a great deal and opened new chambers that I did not realise needed to be opened. I am very excited about the path forward.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity I will be back.”

“Phenomenal! Thank you, Thank you.
Added to all I already know made all more real, more relatable, more useable. I leave today empowered.”  L.H.

“This has added a refreshing and exciting dimension to my life. Combining all your teachings has enabled me to create easily and more, the future is great. Many thanks for the amazing journey.”

“At first, I did not know what to expect, I discovered a new perspective on my existing awareness and managed to process and release some aspects that were holding me back. I was also able to sense in my body when a why the pain was being created with a little bit of gentle guidance, I managed to release the pain and replace it with a positive emotion.”  Thank you. K. W.