The Power Of Choice

The Power of Choice

Every day we are given the opportunity to re-evaluate who we think we are; how we interact with and contribute to the experience we call life and the community in which we find ourselves.
For some life is an invigorating and inspiring experience, while for others life is something to be endured. But for all of us our interaction with our day, and every circumstance it brings, is a personal choice. Our choice activates the law of cause and effect, creating our joy or sadness and lays the path to our amazing or dismal  future. We always have the choice!
The questions I always need to ask myself at the end of the day are:-   

  • Am I overcoming or succumbing to my life’s challenges?
  • What have I contributed to my world?
  • Did I create more than I have consumed?
  • What have I learnt about myself today that is and will continue to add value to my future possibilities? 

Irrespective of our starting point, we all have within us the creative energy and tools to fashion a future far more amazing that our current circumstances. Every new vantage point achieved gives us another opportunity to expand our vision and continue the process, in accordance with our chosen point of focus. Life is a non-judgemental, exponential and infinite progression of choices, changes and consequences.
When I was in my twenties, desperate to escape from all my sub-economic background and perceived handicaps; poverty, partial deafness, numerous learning disorders and the fact that I had never finished school to name but a few: I applied my mind and embarked on a self created learning experience that was destined to dramatically change the way I saw and experienced the world.
I made it my business to spend time with dropouts and homeless people. I intuitively knew I needed to understand how life had brought them to this place. Their stories were very diverse, some like me had come from ‘disadvantaged backgrounds’ and had very little formal schooling but to my amazement others came from affluent families, had attended university, were failed entrepreneurs, corporate executives and professionals. All had a common theme, they were all stuck in their past: “what went wrong …; being a victim of …; the list was endless, they were all playing the blame game and not accepting any responsibility for the part they were playing in their experiences leading up to their present circumstances.
During the same period I also made appointments with successful business owners, all of whom had started from scratch; not people who had taken over family businesses.
Many of them had very little formal education; started with no capital,  had set backs due to poor choices in partnerships and/or marriages … had lost everything through unwise decisions… the list was endless, and they all had common themes; they accepted personal responsibility for whatever happened in their past; they got back up; wiser and more robust; took their focus off the past and refocused on their desired outcome. And immediately went to work on even bigger dreams; they never played the victim card.
I had inadvertently discovered the natural law of attraction; “The Universe helps all of us manifest our consciousness as our personal reality.” This opened the gateway to ongoing learning, giving me the life experience and wisdom that has become the foundation of my work and the wealth and abundance of my reality. I had found buried within me the manual for a life of opulence that was unimaginable as a child.