An Adventure in Higher Learning and Mastery

The TAG-REIKI workshops are a marriage of two different well proven approaches to the use of Universal Life Force Energies. The Usui Tibetan method of channeling energy and the TAG application of the mind to focus the energy.

 “Science has proven that everything that exists is energy vibrating at specific frequencies, and energy affects everything. Making perfect sense of addressing life
from an energy
Christine Wyllie

Anyone can learn Reiki irrespective of age and creed, it is the foundation of energy work. The TAG-REIKI workshops are designed to activate your natural healing abilities and awaken you to your infinite creative possibilities.

Reiki is better known as a gentle hand’s on energy therapy for stress reduction, that restores harmony on all levels physical, mental and spiritual. Reiki applies to all aspects of life and is commonly used on people, plants and animals; businesses, relationships and situations… Reiki’s application is limitless.

The Japanese word Reiki can be literally translated to mean: “Universally guided Energy or Life Force” The word Rei means soul or spirit which is universal, meaning it is present everywhere and Ki refers to the life force or Energy that flows through all things.

 “The effective use of Natural Law and Universal energy
 are the most powerful tools we will ever master.”
David Pickard Wyllie

The addition of the TAG (Think – Act – Grow) principles working in synergy with the natural laws of our universe creates a powerful vessel for the conscious and focused use of the limitless energies at our disposal to create an abundant, soulful life. 

This quest for mastery consists of three residential workshops linked by assignments and field practice. The program is specially designed for those striving to evolve, improve and transform in order to live in harmony with the higher principles of truths.

“Energy is useful only if you can direct it the way you want.
That is when a human being transforms into a spiritual possibility”

The aim is for the students to develop a deeper connection and relationship with themselves and the entire universe and gain mastery over the use of their innate latent abilities to channel the universal energy through a profound understanding of who they are and how they fit in the universe.

The three residential workshops will provide time for reflection and healthy sustenance on all levels, body, mind, emotional and spiritual. And equip you with practical tools to engage life with greater wisdom so you can surrender to the deeper flow within you and the unbounded fabric of existence. And as you become aware of yourself as pure energy of creation, you begin to express your capacity to consciously and deliberately create your life experience.

Usui Reiki Level I and II
Residential Training


  • The history of Reiki – What is Reiki – The Reiki principles
  • The human energy fields
  • The Chakras and the endocrine system
  • What is Healing
  • Reiki hand positions and complete treatment for self and others
  • The three pillars of Reiki – scanning – Kenyoku
  • The three level II Reiki symbols, how to use them.
  • Distance healing – Beaming
  • Chakra clearing and balancing
  • Cleansing and creating a sacred space
  • Working with your spirit guides
  • How to heal unwanted habits
  • Japanese techniques: Koki-ho, Gyoshi-ho, Jacki-Kiri Jaka-ho, Joshin Kokuu-ho, Ketsueki Kokan
  • and so much more

Pre-requisite None
Duration 2 Days
10 – 11 February  2024


Advanced Reiki Training


  • The Usui Master Symbol which strengthens your Reiki energy
  • Meditation to strengthen the mind & expand consciousness
  • Advanced techniques to achieve goals & resolve life lessons
  • The use of crystals with Reiki
  • How to make a Reiki grid with crystals
  • Dowsing, seeing auras,
  • Working with a pendulum
  • Psychic surgery / Aura clearing to remove energy blocks.
  • The use of ancient meditation symbols used in Tibet and China to amplify, and focus the energy.
  • The application of the Hawaiian healing method Ho’oponopono with Reiki.

Pre-Requisite Usui Reiki Level II
Duration 2 Days
20 – 21 April 2024


A preview of what attending these workshops will provide:

  • A deeper understanding of our own body’s energies and the practical application of the law of cause and effect.
  • The ability to decode the principles that runs our physiology as the complete manual for a successful and rich life.
  • A tool box to lead an insightful life in harmony with the higher laws and spiritual guidance.
  • The practical skill to apply our inner wisdom to heal every aspect of our life.  Physical, mental, emotional, business, financial, relationships etc…
  • The fine-tuning of your intuitive abilities and psychic senses: remote investigations, seeing auras, dowsing, telepathic communication etc…
  • A simple and safe practice that provides a powerful method to release stress, suffering and promote health and well-being.
  • Reiki Master training in the Usui Tibetan Lineage following the curriculum set out by the International Centre for Reiki Training  and so much more…

 “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.
Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality.
It can be no other way. This is not philosophy; this is physics.”
Albert Einstein

The training is intensive and thorough; all workshops are a combination of lectures, discussions, meditations, demonstrations and hands on practice. All techniques are explained, demonstrated and practiced so that each student becomes confident in their use.

Space on all residential workshops is limited to 8 students. 

Usui Tibetan Reiki Master


  • The Reiki III Usui / Tibetan Master Attunement
  • Instruction on giving all attunements, including Reiki Master
  • Complete Usui System and Usui / Tibetan system
  • The healing attunement
  • Two Tibetan master symbols
  • Reiki Master Meditation to increase the body’s ability to hold energy and harmonise the energy of the chakras
  • Values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master.
  • Remote viewing, Telepathic communication 

 Pre-Requisite Advanced Reiki
Duration 3 Days
11 -12 -13 October  2024


“Dear Christine,
You embody Reiki’s simplicity, and your teaching comes from such an unlimited perspective of our possibilities, it was a deeply freeing experience.  Your ability to see the humour in life and answer my questions with profound clarity, compassion, and generosity.  What a gift! You and Dave are extraordinary teachers, I gained a new empowering perspective on life and the magical being that I am. Thank you for the profound gift of Reiki, Thank you both for your loving guidance.”  

“A wonder course, well presented and full of information, it was a marvelous and amazing experience, TAG Reiki is much more than laying of hands, like tapping into the unknown, it takes you into another dimension, it needs to be experienced.
Thank you both for sharing your wisdom, your home and your love.”  

“The workshop was absolutely awesome! Without a doubt the best, simplest and most effective and empowering Reiki training I’ve received. Inspired huge confidence in the process.” 

“It was amazing to learn in such a relaxed environment; I enjoyed the openness and lightness of the interaction with other students. Christine sense of humour puts everyone at ease. I’ve learnt a lot, I see Reiki as something tangible now and not airy-fairy. I really appreciate the straight forward approach to Reiki which you adopt. Thank you for such an uplifting experience.”

“It was an inspiring course the Reiki energy seems to intensify / increase with each level of Reiki.The courses have brought about self-realisation both spiritually and physically. It is insightful and empowering.”

“It was a blessed experience, such an honour. I have a feeling of worthiness. It has opened doors to loving and healing. A beautiful magical experience, what a journey I have begun.”

“Dear Christine, Thank you so much for an amazing weekend it was truly a blessing and I cannot begin to tell you how much has changed in me and the personal aaaahhhaaaa moments that have transpired through this journey with you. I have to commend you on your teaching ability and the atmosphere of absolute comfort and trust that you created for all. It was the most comfortable learning experience creating confidence and not expecting us to conform to rigid structures, but rather encouraging us on our way with gentle persuasion.

Allowing us the opportunity to practice learn and grow not only through your teachings but through your ability to peak the curiosity with questions that were so thought provoking and life changing.

All the extras that you provided truly felt like I was at home and I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful gift that you have bestowed on me personally, I am eternally grateful.

The DVD’s and catering were an absolute treat and made the journey all that more special as everything was imparted with such love and humble gratitude.”

“The workshop far exceeded my expectations; the instructors are knowledgeable and deeply insightful. The Videos complemented the course material beautifully and the catering was excellent.

The connection that I felt during all your courses had made a huge and positive difference in my life. The Pace of learning has been wonderful, and I appreciate the way each course has been structured to allow just enough learning to take me on my journey. I feel very supported and would love to keep in touch. Reiki has truly made an impact on my life; it helped me heal through a very difficult time of my life, including a struggle with alcohol addiction.

I am eternally grateful to Christine, David and Reiki and hope to pass on what I have learned to others facing similar challenges.
The journey continues…” 

For more information about Reiki visit:  https://www.touchthesoul.org/reiki/
The International Centre for Reiki Training  www.reiki.org and The Centre for Reiki Research www.centerforreikiresearch.org  
These two websites offer a wealth of well documented articles as well as scientific awareness of Reiki.