Frequently Asked Questions

Who is TAG for?

Anyone who aspires to become a conscious creator! 

The successful people who are wise enough to realise that with a little extra self-knowledge they would accomplish much more in all areas of their life.

The individuals who are wise enough to realise that they are not making use of their full potential or accessing all the resources available to them.

Anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur, as well as entrepreneurs who wish to take their business to new levels. 

Anybody who is going through or wanting to make major changes in their life whether it be relationship, business, health, finance…

Anyone who would like to improve their life and are prepared to accept responsibility for creating the life they desire.

Anyone who wants to experience the freedom of abundance and is seeking  to increase their income and personal wealth.

 Anyone looking for more meaningful relationships and searching for purpose.

It does not matter whether you are If you’re struggling with your relationships, finances, or emotional well-being, or simply would like to improve on them, the application of the TAG principles is sure to transform your life.

What will TAG Consciousness do for me?

TAG’s aim is to turn you into a conscious creator, this can only be achieved if you are prepared to accept full responsibility for every aspect of your life.

TAG works on the premise that your life’s purpose is to make yourself equal to your vision of your future.

TAG will help you reconnect with your “supernatural” abilities and access your super conscious mind, to create the life you want.

TAG will give you the self-knowledge and experience that will prove to you that you have far more potential than you have given yourself credit for.

This experience will give you the confidence needed for you to achieve what you once thought was impossible.

TAG is an acronym for Think – Act – Grow; knowledge cannot apply itself, it is up to the individual to find the courage and wisdom to act based on their newfound knowledge in order to become the person they desire to be.

With the knowledge and experience acquired on TAG you can become whatever you desire and have the courage to accept the responsibility of becoming.  

Will TAG interfere or affect my religious beliefs?

TAG Consciousness has no dogma, it is the study and application of natural laws that governs the universe and respects all beliefs.

Working in harmony with the natural laws makes life effortless. TAG will help you examine your beliefs, simplify your life and enhance your relationship with your truth.