This is what some of our clients have to say.

“The Into Mind workshop that my colleagues and I have attended on the creative use of imagination, presented by David Wyllie, needs to be incorporated into the formal educational system. It would revolutionize education!”
Prof. Anne Alexander.

19 February 2024

Greetings to whom it may concern.
My name is Reginald T Muzariri. When I 1st came into contact with Growthpoint and TAG led and delivered by Dave Wyllie, I had a number of areas in my life that were not working well. In particular and easy to measure are the business aspects so I will focus on those here.

I was earning erratically around R6,000/month in 2000/2001 when I first did the amazing self-improvement programs offered. Within a month of doing the program I set goals and targets and reorganized elements of my life and immediately started to earn R50,000/month consistently. From that base I helped to build an advisory business that became a leader in the Public Private Partnership and Infrastructure development space called Utho Capital.

Our revenues grew from R0 as a start-up business to peaks of around R20 million per annum. We also invested in other businesses and I served as Executive Chairman of a listed IT company, with around R200 million per annum in revenues, from 2004 to 2010 as one of the many achievements in this period.

In Utho Capital, we employed 15 staff and I consistently earned over R2 million/annum from the projects that we undertook.

In 2003 I also had an incident where the right side of my face had to be reconstructed following a martial arts incident at a Championship selection event. I used the tools from TAG to recover quickly and 6 weeks later I went on to win a gold medal in an international tournament in the UK

I can truly say that the TAG programs help me develop a framework and build a foundation mentally and spiritually that has resulted in a successful and happy life over the past 20 years or so.

Yours truly
Reginald T Muzariri
Utho Asset Finance (Pty) Ltd
Registration Number: 2000/016962/07,
P O Box 652291, Benmore, 2010
(TEL) 011 466 0030

14 March 2024

I attended my first workshop with Dave Wyllie in 2000, where I discovered his emphasis on self-knowledge, creative thinking, consciousness, and individuality as keys to achieving extraordinary success.

Subsequently, my wife and I participated in the TAG 11 Development Workshops, which integrated human potential, metaphysics, and quantum mechanics to elevate consciousness and bridge the gap between possibility and reality.

My daughters, their partners, and several staff members also benefitted from Dave’s courses, focusing on authenticity, self-knowledge, and manifesting success through enriching others.

As CEO of the Kishugu Group, Dave’s courses inspired management to develop clear strategies based on alchemic principles, leading to self-realization and unlocking their full potential.

These courses fostered lasting relationships, family harmony, business understanding, and inner peace.

I am forever grateful for the trans-formative impact Dave’s teachings had on us, which changed most of our lives forever.

Without the TAG Training System, we would never have reached the personal and business achievements and successes we did.

Johan Heine,
CEO: Kishugu Group, FLY RV, Coffee for Africa, Lowveld Airshow


“My initial quest, which led me to Dave Wyllie and Growthpoint, was to find a course that would “fix” my partner.

The first time I met Dave he actually didn’t say very much. He allowed me to babble on for nearly two hours and apart from the odd insightful comment, simply raised his eyebrows with a special kind of look that said, “even you know that is a load of rubbish”. Our encounter got me to recognise quite quickly that actually it was my own life that was the main topic of discussion. I began to cringe as I heard myself blaming others and moaning about circumstances as if they were not within my sphere of influence.  By the time we finished our last sip of tea, I knew that I needed to work on my life because at the end of the day, this is the only life that I have any real control over. I decided there and then that I wanted to work with Dave.

It is exactly one week today since I completed Dave’s TAG II training course and to coin an old phrase, “I feel like a new person”. Dave helped me to see that my life (like everything else in the universe) is a perfect manifestation of cause and effect. I came to realise that my thoughts and intentions are very much within my control and that they directly impact my experience. In fact, even my partner has quite magically become much less in need of fixing.

Dave teaches that focussed thought is critical. In his words, “if you don’t know what you want and you don’t know who you wish to become – not even God can help you”. Sounds pretty obvious when you think about it? My problem was that I had allowed the churn of my day to day life to get in the way of me spending any real time thinking about this. TAG provided me with the time, space and tools to work at these important questions. The result is that I have walked away from the course with a clear vision and a clear sense of purpose.

The TAG course also allowed me to experience first-hand that I am capable of a lot more than what I was giving myself credit for or allowing myself to be. I realised that for fear of being seen as a “show off” I had developed a self-destructive, collusive tendency to marginalise myself in order to fit in.     Instead of being a shining star; I had allowed myself to become a shrinking violet.

Having said this, Dave teaches that life is not about perfect plans or perfect first attempts. It is about having the balls to get up and give it your best shot. If you fail, that is okay. So long as you give it another go and that you keep on doing so, until you do what you set out to do – perfectly.

Before Tag I was in a work position that was not right for me. I went to bed at night worrying about staff, creditors and deadlines and woke up doing the same. I have since started my own business and now I go to sleep thinking about the exciting journey that I am on as I strive to become my own greatest possibility. When I wake up, I don’t bounce out of bed in an anxious panic. I allow myself to wake up slowly and purposefully and enjoy an extra twenty minutes just cuddling and loving my beautiful daughter. Then, I get on with my day.

I no longer worry about money. I focus on my passion and on providing great service. Not just to my customers, but to all those around me. It is amazing how little anxiety there is now that I think about what I am going to give the world from a place of passion, rather than about what I have to do to get what I am owed. I know the money will come so now I just have fun imagining how I am going to spend it. I am amazed by how much positivity has come into my life since I changed my thinking. I have met some incredible people and can hardly keep up with the many wonderful new ideas that pop into my head.    

Dave is a phenomenal teacher. He has keen insight, sharp intuition and a wonderful ability to share openly and teach from a place of experience. He also has a wealth of knowledge on many different interesting topics. Above all, what I like best about Dave is his humility and his absolute respect for the process of each individual. Dave will show you the door, but he will not push or drag you through it. I would also like to mention Christine, Dave’s lovely wife and partner. Christine brings a quiet strength, nurturing energy, feisty spirit and a whole lot of love to the process – I felt very safe and extremely well supported.

As with all aspects of life, what I do next is entirely up to me.”


I had the privilege to attend Dave’s & Christine’s TAG II workshop a bit more than a year and a half ago now. I came in with an open mind, curious of what this could bring. What I learned was truly transformational and beyond any of my expectations. There are too many points to list but my biggest take aways’ were the glimpse of what the human mind is capable of and how good it feels when you are in line with yourself, values, thoughts & ethics. I also met amazing people that shared the workshop with me and who have and still are contributing to my life in one way or another. Worth doing again!

Thank you, Dave & Christine.
Dean Oxenham 

01 May 2018  –  My TAG Experiences

“Dear Dave,

A few months ago you walked up to me and asked me to write up my experiences of TAG since my first introduction to it 30 years ago. My initial reaction was surprise at the “30 years” statement. After some quick calculations I realised that this was in fact correct. I recall first meeting you in around 1986 or 1987.

At the time I was young and naïve, and found the world I a bit of a strange place and a challenge to come to terms with. I didn’t really know where I was going with my life. I remember that I didn’t really know what you were talking about, but there was something about changing the way I looked at and engaged with things, and about unleashing my true potential, that made me listen. I had always thought that there was more to life that what I was experiencing.

I agreed to attend the TAGI and TAGII workshops, not really knowing what I was letting myself in for. My memories were of 2 weekends are of extreme highs and lows of my emotions, as well as all my beliefs being challenged (a lot of them I was sceptical of anyway). These two weekends basically showed me that just letting go and giving in to the capabilities within me was in fact amazing. I was blown away by the capabilities that I actually had within me.

This was the start of an intense journey of challenging everything around me, constantly looking for more information and discovering more and more about myself and the world I lived in. I started writing down my goals – some of them started appearing without any effort (yes it is amazing how many things you can attract to yourself with some focus and intense emotion) and others I put lots of planning into and started working towards them.

I have since done most of your courses and repeated TAG I and II four times. I have been asked by many people “why have you repeated TAG so often?”. Well what I have found is that I each time I repeated TAG I was a different person, listening with different ears, watching with different eyes and I have learned new things every single time. The greatest learning has always been about myself. I have grown in all areas of my life – emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

In my work-life experience I have spent time working for myself, but also time working for large corporates. I have  found that working the TAG principles, I can actually work towards my own goals within a corporate. I have found that it is possible, with the right mind set, focus and planning, to attract to me the things that I desire. I am now in my dream job as Vice President, Strategic Intelligence at Sasol  and  feel very fulfilled.

TAG set me up on a path that has exposed me to so many fabulous experiences and helped me to become a totally different person. I have become comfortable with myself – by this I don’t mean  that I am complacent – by this I mean that I have realised the powers within myself to achieve whatever I want, I have moved to a place where I find life continually exciting and interesting and that there is so much to learn and experience. I am excited by life!

Dave, thank you so so very much for your lessons, your challenges, your inspiration, your guidance! You have changed my life completely!

Much love and light”
Alison Von Ketelhodt

24 January 2018

“I met Dave in the early eighties and attended one of his personal development courses – Think Act and Grow. The course and subsequent TAG courses I attended were a life changer for me in all aspects including health, family & wealth! The principles I learnt I have passed onto my children and it is a blessing to see them enjoy the rewards of applying these principles in their lives. I am eternally grateful to Dave for being one of the Masters on my journey of life!”

Thank you Dave!
Allen Usher

30 September 2014

“Dave is a Master Alchemist who brings all the ingredients together and mixes it with precision, simplicity and much care. He is a rare teacher who teaches from his life experience and the passion and enthusiasm of one who is fulfilling his divine mission on earth. What a profound experience: one that cannot be easily put into words, I can only describe it as an exciting blind date with My SELF.”
Christine Lenferna 

12th July 2015

To whom it may concern.

I had the pleasure and good fortune to meet Dave Wyllie more than twenty years ago, and he has had a positive influence on my life ever since.

My first meeting with Dave was to discuss sending certain members of my staff on his TAG specialised training courses.

At that time I had a staff compliment of > 45 people, and to his credit he resisted the opportunity to train all at that time, which could have been a lucrative offer for him. Instead he decided to train just my wife and I, and the results were so impressive and immediately measurable in my business and our personal lives, that I then decided to send all my staff members on his TAG training course as well.

The results were phenomenal, with my business doubling sales in one year, and trebled that in two!

For those who chose to embrace this positive change in their personal lives, it has resulted in them becoming highly successful individuals, all as a result of following the training provided by Dave.

Over the next 20 years I have attended his courses many times over, and with each time gaining more insight into how we can choose to be negative or positive in our lives, as it takes the same effort either way. But the benefits of being positive far outweigh those of being negative, and Dave Wyllie will show you how to do this.

I have also introduced friends, their children, and business associates to Dave over the years and am always delighted to see the overwhelming success that his TAG courses have brought them, both personal and in business.

It is with no hesitation at all that I fully endorse Dave Wyllie as a man of integrity, honesty, and above all, a genuine desire to improve the lives of his fellow man, through his knowledge gained over his lifetime.

Engage with him. What have you to lose?

Yours truly,
Peter Vichos
Managing Director
Allan McKinnon and Associates (Pty) Ltd
+27 82 412 2895

There is a life before TAG and a life after TAG!

In June 2013 my wife and business partner Friederike and I  did our first TAG course with David Pickard Willie.

It’s been a life changing journey since then.

Dave’s successful training philosophy aims at deconstructing widely held beliefs and attitudes that are limiting our ability to create the life we want. Too often we picture ourselves as the victims of events beyond our control.

In 2 sets of 3 intensive days we learnt that we are the creators of our own fortune in a very deep way. David works on a conscious and subliminal level simultaneously so that the change experienced by the trainees is profound and lasting.

It sounds almost banal when I mention that as a consequence of TAG, I decided to quit smoking after roughly 42 years of tobacco addiction from one day to the next (and haven’t smoked a single one since then for more than a year now) and that our business has more then doubled since we started this process of attitude reprogramming in 2013. We know now for sure that there is no limit to what we can achieve.

I was able to build a new 2 storey office building for our company from cashflow without a cent from the bank. Only 9 month ago I decided to drastically improve my fitness levels and rejuvenate my body.

As a consequence I am now running 10km on a regular basis and have lost 10kg permanently. (previously I would have considered a 2km run as a supernatural achievement) We were not entirely new to self development seminars before meeting Dave, but I have to say without hesitation: Dave is the best!

He’s the grandmaster of self motivational reprogramming in this country. 

Many well known successful entrepreneurs who have gone through his school can attest to this.

My daughters Katharina and Isabella, now both at University, have gone through TAG on their own and it has helped them tremendously to get clarity and focus on what they want to achieve in life.

I can highly recommend TAG training to any person or organisation that wishes to improve it’s performance and realisation of goals.

Yours Truly,
Georg Ritschl
ph: +27 83 289 6196

To Growthpoint Organisation,

With a heart filled with gratitude.

In January 2009 I had a life changing experience, I met David P. Wyllie. I embarked on a mission to improve the way I serve the world. It confirmed the correct thought process I have always had, but never used. It made me realise the first steps toward the person I have to become.

It encouraged me to confront all my forms of fear and eliminate all procrastination. It invoked deep desire, imagination and enthusiasm towards life. I realised by applying the principles taught to me my dreams will become reality, this I knew would all be possible by applying persistence, love, responsibility and the fundamental principles taught by mentors David and Valda Wyllie.

Here I was coming from an impoverish background, making a less than reasonable wage and caught in the rat race of the perceived normal world. I have come a long way since those initial steps, now leading a balanced life filled with love, happiness and true wealth. Not to mention the realisation of dreams, holidaying four times a year all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Driving dream cars, riding motorcycles and captaining boats.

From wage earning to owning multiple successful businesses. All of this in less than 5 years.

Everyday thinking acting and growing towards my true self.

Carel C.A Nel
20 March 2014

“I first heard Dave give a presentation as a guest speaker at another seminar and that was the only thing that resonated with me amongst all the things said that evening. Shortly thereafter, Antoinette and I completed TAG together and became two of the privileged few to call themselves TAG graduates.

This was back in 2005. Today I am successfully self-employed, as opposed to the unhappy corporate HR manager I was back then. Dave showed me how to open the door to possibilities I was only able to glimpse through the keyhole up till then.

TAG is a wonderful way to learn how to focus your mind and energy and to achieve and manage success, both professionally and in your personal life.

As an investment in yourself or your staff there is no better option than TAG to develop potential.” 

André van Rensburg
Enchanted Earth

Dear Dave,

I have been involved in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 15 years – and am grateful for having had the privilege of attending training courses throughout the world, including input form C.P.S (Certified Professional Speakers,) in the U.S.A. and International Train-the-Trainer seminars in Europe. This has brought me to being entrusted to look after and add value to the Key customers of Roche Pharma after having spent collectively in excess of $120 000.00 across 4 major multinational organisations since 1986.

However, just as they say in the classics “why travel abroad if you haven’t experienced your own country yet.” Suffice it to say that the time effort and money spent on the TAG II intensive workshop with yourself and Val was worth more to me than the rest of the basket put together, in the manner in which it created a physical, mental and spiritual receptivity to a universal restructuring of my life, and shedding light on my pathway to personal growth and success.

Thank you both for your divine intervention and for “tagging” me so effectively.

Best possible regards, and God bless.

Trevor Schultz – 2 August 2001

Dear Dave,

Just a little note to tell you that the seeds you planted in the minds of my Production and Distribution key – staff members, are coming to fruition.

As you know, we are supplying furniture to some Furniture Retail Groups and yesterday, one of them, Rudicks, which is in the RusfurnStable, chose our Company as “ Supplier of the year” at a ceremony during which we were given a magnificent trophy.

Feels damn good to come first – but you know that anyway!

Thanks again from all of us.
Walter Hauser
Aquarius Enterprises

” TAG…. You are it!

When Dave asked me to re-do a testimonial for the new website, it got me to thinking of TAG – what it has meant to me in my life…. How does one describe TAG to another person? Especially to people who are complacent with their life, and never wonder if there is something MORE?

So this is not so much a Testimonial as impressions of how TAG has impacted on and changed my life…

First Impressions

I will always be grateful for SA Druggists for introducing me to Dave Wyllie – training with a difference! The course itself has melded itself into my soul to such an extent that I can’t remember any specifics (cloud popping at The Farm Inn comes to mind) but what I will ALWAYS remember is Dave standing before us and saying “I am not here to be your friend, I am here to change your life”.

My TAG baby

Twenty-four years ago, in 1989, I attended my 2nd or 3rd TAG course quite pregnant and as far as I know, the first pregnant woman to attend a course. Every mother thinks her child is the most wonderful in the world – but Nikola is really exceptional and everybody who meets her, comments on this. I am convinced that the pre-natal absorption of the TAG principles have given her a kick-start in spirituality and elf-knowledge far beyond her years (noticeable even as a young child, especially noticeable now).

It has not been easy sharing a life with a single mother who can never be defined as “normal” even by the most empathetic souls. In my quest for success (and to become the millionaire that Dave promised I would be) we have lived in 20 different houses in 3 different provinces, while the businesses I created included marketing and travel agencies, design and printing, restaurants, guest lodge, horse trails and riding academy, a bookshop and a few more – many at the same time, often with 2 or 3 businesses complementing and supporting each other. Work work work, back to the wall, living a crazy life and dragging a wide-eyed child with me through exhilarating and agonising days.

Nikola is now working with me in one of my companies – as Manager of our travel and activity company, and despite the fact that she has never been on a TAG course, she applies TAG principles every day of her life! Needless to say, that she is recognised (at 23) as one of the Lowveld’s up-and-coming business people, dealing with key decision makers on a daily level, at their level!

My advice: pregnantly attending a TAG course will be the best thing you ever did for yourself and your child… Nikola is my miracle and proudest achievement of my life.

My TAG life

I used to walk into a room wondering if people like me… now I wonder if I like them.

Why do people attend the TAG courses?

I think initially, people are drawn to the promise of increased wealth, or are looking for change in their life. TAG does change your life – it changes the way you think about EVERYTHING!

I attended further TAG courses and each course created new value bases, new questions… long after achieving financial success, I was now looking for a different kind of wealth.

My life has changed in so many ways… I have turned my back on useless people that refuse to help themselves, I refuse to share space with negativity, I break the silence of the masses by fearlessly speaking up for what I believe in, and acknowledge that every single teeny tiny thing that happens in my life, good or bad, is orchestrated and created by myself.

I am seen as a non-conformist – but if people talk about me behind my back, there is a reason they are behind me! I thank the Universe for my blessings every second of every day, and it responds by showering me with its bounty.

I rediscover TAG wisdoms every day (oh, so THAT is what Dave meant all those years ago!?!?).

I share my philosophy with everybody – especially with my staff, who have an absolute passion for service excellence (if you want to grow your business, grow your people!)

If the thought that there must be “more” has ever crossed your mind… do TAG and be prepared to have your life changed in the most amazing ways!

…and yes, I am a millionaire.”

Eva Wagner

When I attended the TAG Course in 1987 I was Marketing Director of FPS Limited and the boards of about a dozen other SAGE Group companies. I had been pretty successful in my personal, financial and family management of my life.

The Tag experience most certainly helped me focus my mind and enhanced my energies and intuition from the platform of my then achieved success and the success, which I have had since.

Tag is a wonderful platform from which to launch control over one’s destiny whether or not you have already been managing successfully that destiny.

Both Rona and I went through the course together, and welcomed the experience and its contribution towards our continued success.

Kind Regards,
Yours sincerely
Garry Mc Creesh
Nedcor Bank Limited

Dear Dave,

Earlier this year I had the privilege of attending your intensive T.A.G. course and was very impressed.

I have completed various courses in the past of a similar nature, but have not experienced a more gratifying course that has changed my personal life as well as improving my career.

In view of my experience I will be recommending T.A.G. and will also be nominating my “key” staff members to attend this course, as it is my belief that any “thinking” person should enjoy the experience of T.A.G.

Yours faithfully
Ann Smit
Director – Comfort Creations

Dear Dave,

Herewith a short paragraph on what the Tag Training Courses have done for me. At the beginning of 1988 my wife and I completed our first Tag Course and we were operating a very small Vehicle Agency Business from our home premises with one assistant. In July of the same year we moved to rented premises and purchased our first vehicle.

Today, the TLD Group consists of: –
TLD Marine (Pty) Ltd – Depot and Property owning company

TLD Harbor Carriers (Pty) Ltd – Vehicle owning company (22 Trailers)

TLD Transport (Pty) Ltd – Project Division of the Group

TRADE & LATERAL DEVELOPMENT (Pty) Ltd – The Group’s International Trading Company

RUSSTRANSAFRICA (Pty) Ltd. – An international joint venture with a large Russian Corporation with Shareholders in Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy and South Africa.

The TLD Group is totally self – funded with no loans, leases or encumbrances.

Tim Drimanis the Chairman of the Durban Harbor Carriers Association and is a Member of the Durban Port Committee.

This rapid advancement and success has all been made possible with the right attitude to life and can only be ascribed to the way TAG makes you THINK, ACT AND GROW.

Best Regards,
Tim Driman 
Director – Transit Loading & Distribution  

 To Whom It May Concern:

1998 sees the fourth year of Adapt Marketing’s success in business, and looking retrospect, we would attribute a large portion of this success to the grounding that TAG has given us. TAG Training has provided us with numerous principles and dynamic ways of thinking, which are constantly being implemented in our company.

I would urge any persons who are looking to improve any sphere of their lifestyles, to attend TAG Training and would be pleased to discuss the benefits that we have experienced with any one who is interested.

Anthony Driman
Adapt Marketing (Pty) Ltd – Director

What TAG did for me

This, I became aware of, only once I had done TAG:

We’re in the business of meeting people every day. Most of us are beautiful people who have our own levels of values, standards and integrity. We have sadly lost sight of who we are and what our real purpose is. We go through life thinking that we have nothing to do with our fate, and that our reason for being here is to continue the path where our parents left off….

We start to lose our way from a young age. We are brain washed into believing that it is important to be normal and normal is following the masses, which unbeknown to us, breeds mediocrity.

As children, the world is full of wonders to explore and fear is not an option. We are full of energy, new ideas and we believe we can do anything possible. The indoctrination begins at an early age. We are taught to believe that being out of the ordinary is weird. The inner conflict that this creates is a natural consequence of becoming the person who God did not intend for us to be. We start using our own intelligence to make excuses for not using the God given potential we posses.

Life becomes a catch 22. We either live with this inner conflict or we battle with the conflict from the people that we surround ourselves with, because when we don’t conform, we are classed as rebellious, weird or strange.

During the TAG program, it becomes crystal clear that we are not supposed to be small creatures surviving in a huge universe. We are not designed for mediocrity. Rather, we are part of the energy that keeps the universe alive. We are unique and it is a privilege to be so. The power in our mind is our key to the fulfilment of our perfect end result, whatever that may be. This knowledge gave me incredible courage.

We are too special and beautiful to waste on a boring, uneventful existence. We can soar like a meteor across the universe creating our own fate and destiny. As this realization takes place, of just what we are put on this earth to do, so the layers of insecurities, self-doubt, fear of failure, ones need for acceptance and inferiority complexes that have built up during the years, slowly peel away.

I walked away from the 1st weekend of TAG looking at the world through different eyes. It was a familiar sight, but one that was almost forgotten. I can only explain the sensation as going back to my childhood. I suddenly remembered that this is how I saw the world as a child and I felt exhilarated and reborn.

The second weekend reaffirmed and taught me even further of the powers that lie within me. As time goes by the words “with great power, comes great responsibility”, take on a whole new meaning. I realize just how much a part of the universe I am, just as any other living creature or thing.

One part of the learning process is gaining the knowledge that TAG teaches and the other is exploring new possibilities. A real TAG graduate is one that starts to live the philosophy of TAG every day, making it their life’s philosophy. It is important to master the ability to live in a hijack proof mind bubble, avoiding negativity at all costs.

Every person needs TAG. There is not a person that I meet, after talking to them for a short while, that I don’t find myself thinking how TAG could benefit them. So much so that I easily convinced Dean Naidoo, the owner of Nashua North East to allow my whole sales team to do the TAG program. Within less than one year, my sales team doubled the Division’s profits and their personal incomes. We went on to win the Nashua national incentives, 3 years in a row where we competed against 57 Nashua Franchises countrywide and we won Division of the year twice since the TAG program. This is quite an achievement, as we competed against Divisions that sell Nashua copiers and printers for thousands of rands per unit. You can imagine how many pieces of paper we had to sell to beat them when our average price for 500 sheets of paper is R22.50.

TAG had such an impression on me that I sent my little girl Jessica-Lee on the TAG children’s course when she was just 6 years old. The course has made Jessica-Lee extremely independent and courageous in every life challenge that she is faced with. When I ask her what she feels was the best thing she learned when she was on the TAG weekend, she answers, “I can do anything that I decide to do Mom and if it gets tough, I don’t mind- because I am a survivor”. When I ask her how she knows she is a survivor, she tells me “Whenever I feel scared or uncertain about doing something, I just think of that long river I swam, with all the snakes and that high mountain I climbed, and I am not afraid anymore because I figure if I could do that, I can do anything.”

I would like to thank both Dave and Val for the incredible life changing experiences that have touched my life and those closest to me.

Diane Bouden

Dear Friends,

On 28 January 1988 a dramatic change occurred in my life. I did my first TAG course. I had spoken previously with a number of graduates but they could not really relay what changes would occur over the extraordinary weekend.

I am a very positive and successful person and at that time had achieved much with very little effort. Everything had basically just fallen into place. What TAG gave me was the understanding of how I had achieved so much and provides the techniques to produce the same results over and over again. It changed the way I perceived the world around me and changed my thinking pattern so that I no longer accepted the expected, but started to look at situations from all angles and came up with solutions which matched my dream.

I was immediately filled with inspiration, knew that I had the ability to cope with the most difficult situations, and followed a dream – starting my own business. Looking back at it now, I can still remember those difficult months when I often had to rely own inner strengths to keep at it. TAG taught me to face the many; hurdles and to keep overcoming them with the faith and belief that I would eventually succeed. The methods provided the means to soar to new heights. Today I am partner of my own company providing programming solutions in the Time and Access field and our “Cashless Environments’ can be found in most of the universities around the country.

But TAG is far more than just a means to achieving ones goals. It provides the foundations for all areas of ones life. TAG’s courses have shaped the way I handle crises, deal with difficult or argumentative situations, how I perceive and enhance my relationships, how I deal with my financial affairs, how to improve my memory recall and concentration, to look after my health, improve my selling techniques, have a better relationship with GOD and an understanding of who I am and where I want to go. In the last six years my growth and horizons have multiplied many times. I have done things and gone places that I never dreamed of doing in this lifetime. TAG Training was the seed, I grabbed it with both hands and ran with it, I have never looked back and people still ask, “What’s he got that I haven’t got”?

In William Clement Stone’s book, “The Success System that never fails” he mentions that the Hindus have a legend that the Gods wanted to hide the secrets and riches of the world in a place where only those who were ready for them would be able to find them. They found a place so obvious that many never find it. Some of us stumble upon it without even knowing. TAG Training provides the means to find that place and the discipline to make use of the riches it has to offer. The question is – are you ready to receive them and how long are you going to wait before you too can enjoy what I know is out there?

I hope that one day we will meet and you will thank me for introducing you to a way of life, which a selected few understand and enjoy.

Yours faithfully
Andrew Bailey
Data & Systems Technology (Pty) Ltd

To Whom It May Concern:

This is not a course for the faint hearted. Three days becomes six days if one counts the hours pushed at night.

Over this weekend one is forced to take a very hard, honest look at oneself. You realize that most of the input going into ones head is of a self destructive nature e.g. from birth you are being told what you can’t do, over many years of this conditioning it becomes a “truth” and you believe that you have limitation on what you can achieve and do.

A persons thinking becomes their actions. On this course you are shown how to think, in a goal orientated, positive way, which generates goal orientated, positive actions and all of a sudden you aren’t average any more, and growth follows.

You realisethat to work as hard for yourself as one does naturally against yourself, anything and everything is possible, its just a question of focusing all your attention on your goals.

You also learn that to succeed in only one facet of life is an empty success, the answer is to find love for yourself, and when you fully accept yourself, acceptance of others will follow. The fear of failure has prevented many people from trying anything new, particularly outside their comfort zone. The course teaches you that if you failed it only means that you’ve done something wrong, re-evaluate your position and do it again in a better way, and most important of all persist until you succeed, at the same time start planning for your next goal, (life now consists of no more comfort zones) one goal merely leads to the next.

Another lesson that one learns is that to succeed you have to be equal to your success e.g. if you want to be a General manager then think like a General manager. Pursue the required knowledge with vigor, and never waste time doing anything that removes your mind from your goal.

It was very exciting to see the nine delegates change in just three days. Ourselves pulled most of our so-called “truths” apart, making way for new beliefs and values. Many of us started putting ourselves first in our own lives for the first time. It’s also exciting to know we have control of our own lives; we have the power to make our own choices. How we use this power of choice in future will determine how quickly we achieve our goals.

My only recommendation is to make this course even more advantageous is to send husbands and wives together. If this happens then the Bank will create positive families and a positive work force.

S. Mann

To Whom It May Concern:

As a graduate of Tag Training and in the capacity of chairman of the South African Association of Brain Injured Children the following are my personal views regarding the motivational and educational attributes of TAG as presented by Dave Wyllie.

First some family background. I am a professional airline pilot, my wife a highly respected secretary and airhostess. We have two children. Our son Byron, age six was born severely brain injured.

TAG has without a doubt been a great inspiration in helping not only ourselves but also our children especially Byron to achieve our objectives and to recognize and to practice our divine right of being a thinker.

I have also attended and participated in the junior course for young children and can

only speak highly of the methods and especially end results, including individual personal growth that these children achieve. However I must add that if the understanding parent

who must have attended an adult program does not nurture this school of thought much of the value is lost.

We have been involved with brain-injured children for some five years and have attended courses on the subject as well as received and implemented highly successful stimulation programmesfor Byron from “The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential” in Philadelphia U.S.A.

We are both qualified Human Developmentalists and must say that many of the theories that we have come to recognize through personal experience as being highly beneficial to neurological development are promoted and supported by TAG.

Medically no approach could be more orthodox than this, yet paradoxically, it represents a sharp break with the traditional diagnosis and treatment of these disfunctions.

Caution, due to awareness of ignorance seldom acts as an incentive to progress unless such pertinent knowledge as exists is used.

Today our son, who at seven months was said to be a blind vegetable, now attends pre-primary at a regular school and is maintaining excellent progress.

I would like to conclude saying that new opinions are always suspected and usually opposed without any reason but because they are not already common.

Tom Greenwood
Chairman SAABIC