About Us


The Growthpoint Organization was founded by David Pickard Wyllie in 1975

Growhtpoint is the meeting place of minds in search of the greatest possibilities; for those willing to explore infinite human potential and constantly reach for higher truths.

For the exceptional people who are prepared to be held accountable for their contribution to human kind’s evolution and assume the responsibility of creating more than they consume.

“There is a sacred place in the mind of man where there are no limitations… It is a place where the seeds of all possibilities are born. My soul purpose is to help the courageous rediscover this place in themselves”

David Pickard Wyllie

“To Touch the Soul of another is a sacred responsibility and a privilege. My purpose is to help you remember the essence of who you are; rediscover your own profound wisdom and awaken your inner healer.” 

   Christine Randabel Wyllie

Upcoming Events

It is not how much money we earn that makes us wealthy; But what we systematically do with what we earn!

This residential workshop is for those who are serious about sustainable Wealth creation as a holistic concept of affluence.

29 – 30 June 2019

TAG-REIKI  Advance Training

Science has proven that everything that exists is energy vibrating at a specific frequency, making perfect sense of addressing life from an energy perspective.

   Residential Workshop – Pre-requisite Level II. 

13 -14 July 2019

Master Powerful Success Habits 
 Transform your life One habit at a time.

Habits are the key to human behaviour, the development of a series of success-orientated habits is a key ingredient in the long-term development of successful people.

3rd August 2019


“Dave is a phenomenal teacher. He has keen insight, sharp intuition and a wonderful ability to share openly and teach from a place of experience. He also has a wealth of knowledge on many different interesting topics. Above all, what I like best about Dave is his humility and his absolute respect for the process of each individual. Dave will show you the door, but he will not push or drag you through it. I would also like to mention Christine, Dave’s lovely wife and partner. Christine brings a quiet strength, nurturing energy, feisty spirit and a whole lot of love to the process – I felt very safe and extremely well supported.

As with all aspects of life, what I do next is entirely up to me.”